Nvidia Turing and Ampere rumours suggest a multi-year GPU roadmap could be on the way – Free Download

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Nvidia’s Volta architecture has been sitting on the sidelines for what seems like an age – at least for gamers anyways. Release date rumours are nothing new, but it seems like everyday we hear a new codename for Nvidia’s next generation – this time, it’s Turing.

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Reuters let slip of the potential codename during an article on Nvidia’s recent fiscal success. The article makes a passing mention to the project with codename ‘Turing’, and mentions briefly that this “new GPU gaming chip” will supposedly be “unveiled next month”.

Assumedly these GPUs are named after famous British scientist and mathematician, Alan Turing, who is well-known for his pioneering work in computer science. However, somewhat oddly, this codename is supposedly reference the the gaming-specific GPU chips, despite the Turing Test being known the world over as a test for ‘true’ artificial intelligence and Turing’s pinnacle work in cryptography and codebreaking. Ring any bells?

We’ve already contested recent rumours of the Ampere codename and upcoming launch – which seem dubious at best so far – and these latest rumours also warrant considerable scepticism. Both have stemmed from unsourced, off-hand comments at the tail-end of articles with a focus on financials rather than upcoming hardware. Completely trustworthy, they are not.

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If there is any truth to these rumours, one potential explanation for these rogue codenames could be that Nvidia are soon to ‘unveil’ their roadmap for GPU architectures beyond Volta at the Graphics Technology Conference (GTC) towards the end of next month. We’ve yet to see a roadmap beyond the Volta architecture, and it seems about time that one were revealed – especially if Jen-Hsun intends on having anything new to say in his keynote.

A single post-Volta next-generation architecture has been hinted at within Nvidia’s Drive PX Pegasus Autonomous vehicle, and it’s entirely possible that one, or both, codenames appearing across the interwebs could be indicative to the naming of this upcoming architecture.

While we aren’t ruling out the potential for Nvidia to pull a renamed, or redesigned, architecture out of their pocket at an upcoming event, it does, however, seem rather out-of-character for the green team. So far, the only news we’ve heard regarding these codenames has been largely unsourced and unconfirmed in any way, so beware of setting your hopes too high for a full March release. I’ll be more than happy to be proven wrong, however… honestly, at this point, I’d be over-the-moon with any concrete information regarding new hardware from Nvidia whatsoever.

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